Christians of Peace: Resist!

The President of the United States continues to chip away at America’s moral foundation via executive order, targeting oppressed communities by eliminating protections and imposing policies fueled by hatred and fear. As a female Christian seminarian who values love, peace, and justice, the silence of my Christian sisters and brothers about these discriminatory policies is … More Christians of Peace: Resist!

But I’m Not Racist

Get Out (2017) is a new horror film that shows racism for the horror that it is. The artist behind the film, Jordan Peele, known for his wry cultural commentary, addresses “the way America deals with race” and portrays racism as it is: demonic. I have written on race and privilege before. In the cultural environment perpetuated by … More But I’m Not Racist

March On, Mary Magdalene

Just 2 weeks ago, Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States, but just as important was what happened next: the Women’s March on Washington. Millions of women (men and children) from all seven continents around the world marched in protest of inequality and misogyny, including attacks on women’s right to affordable reproductive healthcare. Planned … More March On, Mary Magdalene

Lisbeth Salander and Biblical Rape Culture

TRIGGER WARNING: This post contains references to violence against women. The election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States has emboldened the forces waging the War on Women. The Christian Right would have you believe that women have already achieved equality in the West and that it is the “Islamic World” that oppresses … More Lisbeth Salander and Biblical Rape Culture

Where are the “Good” Christians?

Right-wing Christians lament the lack of “good” Muslims in the world, all while ignoring groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) that are doing great work in pushing back against extremism. When self-identified Christians fight to keep even refugees from war-torn Syria away from our shores, we have to ask how “good” these Christians … More Where are the “Good” Christians?